Koffee Kult Dark Roast Vs Thunderbolt (We Tried Both And This Is What We Think)

Koffee Kult has been a brand of coffee that I have been wanting to try for a while. After doing some research, I decided to purchase their Dark Roast and their Thunderbolt French Roast. 

If you are wondering which roast is better for your palate, keep reading for an in-depth review. I brewed a bunch of this coffee and shared it with pretty much everyone willing to come over and try it in order to get their feedback. 

So, here you go, a review of Koffee Kult’s Dark Roast vs Thunderbolt from a handful of semi coffee experts and your average Joe’s. But first, a little about Koffee Kult…

What Is Koffee Kult Coffee?

Koffee Kult has been around since early 2012 and has quickly grown in popularity. Their mission is to provide artisan quality coffee that blows the average Joe cup of coffee out of the water. 

Their coffee is great, much like what you would expect in a quality coffee shop. Everything is freshly roasted. Not store-bought garbage that is sitting out on the shelf for weeks to months. 

As a small business of only 14 employees, Koffee Kult is known to take personal care of their roasting process. From picking the fresh green beans to making sure only quality roasts are shipped out. 

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Review

Like most dark roast coffee, Koffee Kult’s Dark Roast is brought to the second crack in the roasting process right before it’s released into the cooling bin. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the roasting process of coffee beans, here is a dumbed-down brief description:

Fresh green coffee beans are heated up until they reach what is called the “first crack.”

The “first crack” is essentially the moment the coffee beans become drinkable coffee beans. The energy that was built up during the internal heating process is released.

The “second crack” is the second point when energy that was building up in the beans is released and the roast is then considered a dark roast. The heating process between the first and second crack will give you a spectrum of light to medium to dark roasts. 

Koffee Kult’s Dark Roast is a blend of beans grown in Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Sumatra. Koffee Kult states that this roast is actually what they use in store for their own espresso. 

Their dark roast is bold as you would expect in a dark roast but also surprisingly smooth and clean. Very enjoyable!

Koffee Kult advertises their cupping notes as a heavy body, smooth, cinnamon, and bright. Personally, I had trouble detecting the cinnamon notes but others say they could. 

For some people, it takes time to really discover those flavor hints!

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Koffee Kult Thunderbolt Review

Koffee Kult’s Thunderbolt is an even darker French Roast kind of coffee. If you are into a more robust coffee then Thunderbolt is probably the way to go. 

Koffee Kult advertises that their Thunderbolt roast contains a blend of coffee beans grown in Colombia and Brazil. Their cupping notes are earthy, molasses, smoke, and tobacco, full body with a long finish. 

Those are some complex notes! In general, our group found this roast to be very bold but not too bitter. 

Also, we liked how low in acidity this coffee was. Which is no surprise as darker roasts tend to be less acidic!

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Which Koffee Kult Roast is Better, Dark Roast Vs Thunderbolt

So which coffee roast is better, the Dark Roast or Thunderbolt? The truth is, both blends are great. Koffee Kult is a great brand with very high-quality coffee. 

My personal vote, and what seemed to be the consensus of the group who tasted these two roasts, is that the Thunderbolt coffee was better.

Why? Well, I guess you could say that I prefer a bold cup of coffee. The Thunderbolt was surprisingly smooth for a french roast while really giving you those earthy tones which you look for in a dark roast. Also, the low level of acidity really helped!

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