Welcome to Jolly Roast! My name is Paul and I am the owner of this site. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a young father who, like most young fathers, has a love for coffee. And yes, I’m addicted to coffee, but who isn’t??

I’ve thought about getting off of coffee before, but then I realized my life would be much worse so I decided to embrace it. I embrace coffee so much I created this website (More on this in a bit).

First, What are my Coffee Credentials?

#1 As stated I love coffee. It’s like my third child. Love it, couldn’t live without it, and it keeps me up at night.

#2 I actually used to be a barista. Yup, I’m not just some rando trying to spew expert coffee advice. I have 4 years of professional experience.

Sure it was in college, so maybe I didn’t get much out of that experience, but I certainly know more than the average person.

#3 I’m really good at learning things. I don’t like to brag, but I thrive on learning new skills. I was a premed student in college, got into medical school (Then got the heck out of Medical School after realizing it was a mistake. But you doctors out there are heroes and I applaud you for your hard work!), learned how to fly a plane, self-taught myself how to build websites, and much more.

Anyway, I’m learning everything there is to know about coffee and I plan to share that knowledge with you.

#4 I am a gadgets guy. What do I mean about that? I like having a variety of well-made and intuitive gadgets. Whether it is a french press or a gooseneck kettle, I appreciate good gadgets that will help me with my coffee experience.

Therefore, any product reviewed on this website will go through very close scrutiny as I tend to pay attention to even the smallest details.

#5 My science background. It might not be much but I did study chemistry in college. Guess what, coffee brewing is a science!

I’m telling you about my coffee credentials so that you can trust me. I may not be the most knowledgeable person on coffee, but hey, I’ve got some things going for me.

Plus you can always expect me to be somewhat entertaining.

So Why Did I Start Jolly Roast?

Like I said above, this is me embracing my passion for coffee.

I didn’t want to just be someone who drinks their daily cup of coffee because they have to. I wanted to really enjoy coffee.

All kinds of coffee.

Because there is so much out there. So many techniques, types of coffee, coffee recipes, etc.

This website is partly for my own benefit, but also for yours. I want you to broaden your coffee experience.

Join Me

So, join me in this caffeinated adventure (Or decaffeinated if that’s how you roll). At this point, you are probably at the edge of your seat ready to get your coffee learning on. I’m super excited to tell you that this website will enrich your coffee life.

Get ready for awesomeness!

Too much hype? Meh, whatever. Maybe I just had an espresso that is adding to it. Enough with the rambling. I’m signing off.


Paul – Jolly Roast’s Owner.